Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) Application Procedures

遙距營商計劃 現正接受申請

COVID-19 changed the way we live, work and more. The impact it has on business induced new opportunity to evolve and thrive. The HKSAR Government announced the second round of Anti-epidemic Fund and it includes the “Distance Business Programme” (D-Biz) to be launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission.


Purpose 計劃目的

To support private enterprises adopt digital solutions in various elements of business.


Funding 資助額

HK$100,000 per project; maximum of HK$300,000 per company


Eligibility 申請資格

Any private companies except statutory bodies, NGOs subsidized by public funds, and listed companies.


Application Open 申請期間

From 18 May 2020


Approval Timeline 批核時間

10 working days


Eligible projects 受資助項目
  • Online business 網上營商(例如設立電子商貿平台,容許客戶透過互聯網下訂單等)
  • Online order taking and delivery, and smart-self service systems 網上接單和送遞、智能自助服務系統
  • Online customer services and engagement 網上客戶服務和推廣(例如數碼預訂系統,虛擬服務交付,客戶關係管理等)
  • Digital customer experience enhancement 客戶數碼體驗升級
  • Digital payment/ mobile point of sale 數碼支付/ 流動裝置零售管理系統
  • Online/ cloud-based financial management systems 線上 / 雲端財務管理系統
  • Online / cloud-based human resources management systems線上 / 雲端人力資源管理系統
  • Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access services 遙距文件管理、雲端儲存及遠端存取服務
  • Virtual meeting and conference tools 網上會議工具
  • Virtual team management and communications 虛擬團隊管理和溝通
  • Cybersecurity solutions 網絡安全方案
  • Other online/ custom-built/ cloud-based business support systems 其他線上 / 度身訂造 / 雲端業務支援系統(例如企業資源計劃系統ERP,客戶關係管理CMS,電子申請表和工作流批核等)

Hand in Hand, Transform your Business with Vioo

Vioo 撐你・拍住上數碼營商轉型

Vioo has been enrolled in the IT Service Providers Reference List(Ref:SP-276-682)

Vioo 已被列入參考服務供應商(參考編號:SP-276-682)

Vioo could help you to seize this opportunity. With our experience in providing innovative and down-to-earth IT solutions for clients, we are able to digitize your business with the D-Biz fund.

Vioo 助你早著先機,利用遙距營商計劃以創新、踏實的資訊科技方案協助你的生意升級轉型,與你拍住上。

Vioo has already applied for enroling to the IT Service Providers Reference List* Our experienced Consultancy team and Technical team plan ahead to fit your needs. Our services include:

Vioo 已申請列入資訊科技服務供應商參考名單* 我們的資深顧問服務及技術團隊可為企業所需籌劃,服務包括:

Spot the blind spots in business operation (Free)


Plot your transformation plan, targets and resources (Free)


Draft the proposal and application of D-Biz (Free)


Solution implementation and enterprise successfully obtains D-Biz fund


*Whether or not your enterprise engages providers on the Reference List will not affect the application outcome.


Tell us your vision, digitize your business.